Content Library is an Appspace extension that allows users to upload, store and manage your content for use in applications. Users are able to organise their contents into folders that can be shared with other users.

Manage your Folders

Organise all content assets through a folder-based management interface with the ability to provide additional keyword tags to each asset for more advanced filtering. Additional metadata such as descriptive content attributes and custom properties can also be applied to each content item and can be used in applications through advanced application scripting.


  • Folder-based navigation allows drag-and-drop selection and management of content assets
  • Support for multiple keyword tags for individual content assets and tag search filtering
  • Additional content filters based on media type and allocations
  • Content metadata attributes include title, description and custom property fields

Manage your Content

The Content Library acts as a repository of all your content assets and is the central location for you to upload, tag, edit and store your content. The Content Library includes support for audio files, Flash files, Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF files, custom media types such as dynamic and external content which can include streaming sources and HTML content.


  • Support for standard image formats including JPG and PNG
  • Support for standard video formats including H.264 MPEG4, WMV VC-1
  • Playback of content assets will depend on the output capabilities of the target playback device

Share your Folders

Grant other Appspace users (or user groups) access to your content assets by sharing content folders.


  • Folders can be shared on multiple permission levels (read only or read and write).