This is only applicable for On-Premise deployments.

All extensions that are available in an Appspace instance are listed and managed within a single page called Extensions. This is accessible through the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of your Appspace instance. The Extension Manager page provides administrators with the following abilities:

  • Add/Remove extensions
  • Import/Export extensions
  • Disable extensions
  • Rearrange/Order extensions
  • Manage Role accessibility


In order to access the Extension Manager page, you must have Portal Administrator level access to your Appspace instance.

Extension Management Page

The main extensions page contains a table that lists all of the extensions that are currently installed on the Appspace server. The table has several columns that provide additional information such as the extension version, a brief description, and the users role(s) that are currently configured to be allowed to access each extension. Once an extension has been selected (the selection will highlight the row in light blue) several additional icons will appear near the top of the page. These quick-launch icons will allow you to install, delete, disable, and sort the extensions that are listed on this page.

Obtaining Extensions

In addition to the Appspace extensions that come pre-installed (these are referred to as Core extensions) you may obtain additional “Premium” extensions through the Appspace Marketplace. The Marketplaced is accessible through your Appspace Cloud account once you have logged into If your on-premise Appspace server has been properly configured and linked to a Cloud account, you may also access the Marketplace through your stack drop-down menu.


You do not need a license key to download extensions from the Appspace Marketplace. However, you may encounter errors or warning messages preventing you from adding/installing an extension if your Appspace server is not properly licensed for that particular feature.