Managing Device Groups


Player groupings allow users to easily manage and locate a collection of media players. Media players can belong to only one group. Groups can be nested in a hierarchy tree.

Creating New Device Groups

Step 1

From the Players tab within the Network Management extension, select an existing device group to be designated as the parent of the new device group to be created.


The root Appspace folder (group) will be selected by default to be the parent and cannot be deleted.

Step 2

Click the + button to create the new group and give it a name.

Adding Devices to Groups

Step 1

Begin by selecting the the root folder “Appspace” in order to browse the entire listing of devices. Select the device(s) you want to add into a group by checking the box next to the device name. You may also search for a specific device by performing a name or keyword search using the search tool.

Step 2

Click the Move to Group button.


Please ensure that the devices you’ve selected have already been assigned with applications. The devices cannot be moved if they are not assigned to any application.

Step 3

Under Group Players, select the desired device folder (group) from the tree hierarchy. Click Proceed.

Step 4

Verify the selected players have been associated and grouped under the desired device group in the main player listings.

Renaming Device Groups

Step 1

Under the Groups pane, select the group you would like to rename and select the pencil button.

Step 2

Type in the new name for the group and press enter to confirm the changes.


You may also drag and drop groups into the desired location to rearrange and reorganize the hierarchy tree.

Deleting Device Groups

Step 1

Under the Groups section, select the group you would like to delete and select the trash bin button. The player devices in the deleted group will be returned to the Ungrouped Players folder.

Viewing Ungrouped Devices

Step 1

Under the Groups section, select the Ungrouped Players folder. All available devices/players that have not yet been associated to a group will be presented in the device listings.