Layout and Interface

Extension UI

The following sample illustrates the basic layout of the Report extension in Appspace Core.

User Activities Tab

The User Activities tab displays a list of reports that is generated according to specified time frames and filter parameters.

The reports toolbar includes options that allow users to specify the time frame (start and end date) in which to generate the report for, to export reports to Excel files, and search for keywords in reports. Clicking the Start/End Date icon will bring up the calendar dialog to allow the user to specify the exact date and time.

The filters found on the left side of the page are used to populate and better refine reports. Selecting different Account, Resource, and Action attributes from their respective drop-down menus result in reports that are scoped to those filter parameters.

Proof of Play Metrics Tab

The Proof of Play Metrics tab allows the user to generate proof of play reports of specific target media zones. In order for this particular report type to be functional, any selected media zone (content items) will need to be properly configured to enable playout metrics.