Last updated on March 23, 2015

Event Calendar Integration with Gmail

Integrating with External Data Sources

You can integrate the Event Calendar Widget with external data sources such as Microsoft Exchange and Google Mail. Event calendar maps the calendar data sources to its internal representation of calendar data as illustrated in the following diagram.


Gmail Integration with the Event Calendar Widget

While there are a few integration options to consider, we’ll be covering Gmail integration with the Event Calendar Widget in this article.


Enabling Your Google API

Step 1

Login to using your Gmail credentials.

Step 2

Create a new project by clicking the Create Project button.

Step 3

Give the project a name, accept the EULA and click the Create button.

Step 4

After selecting your newly created project, select the APIs link under the APIs and auth section.

Step 5

A list of available APIs will be displayed. Scroll down to Calendar API and enable it by clicking the OFF button.

Step 6

Accept the EULA.

Step 7

The Calendar API will be enabled.

Step 8

Click the Credentials tab and proceed to create a new Client ID.

Step 9

Select Web application as the application type, key in your Javascript Origin (Appspace server URL) and authorised redirect URI as shown. Click Create Client ID when finished. Note that the URLs shown are merely examples.

URL formats:

  • Authorised Javascript Origin – http://{server URL}
  • Authorised Redirect URI – http://{server URL}/medianet/eventcalendaradv.aspx

Step 10

Take note of the Client ID and Secret. You will need to add this to the Appspace server’s configuration.

Configuring your Event Calendar Widget

Step 1

Click the profile icon on the top right corner. From the drop-down list, select Administrator Mode and click Yes to confirm the transition to Administrator mode.


The Administrator Interface works best on Internet Explorer 7 and above.

Step 2

Once switched to Administrator mode, click on the HOME tab. Select the app (containing the Event Calendar Widget) from the drop-down list under the Network Info section. Click on the name of the Event Calendar widget from the Content Zones panel to bring up the editor.

Step 3

In the Calendar editor, select Advanced (mode) and select the Provider tab. Key in your Google Client ID, Client Secret and your username. Set your desired frequency in minutes. Click Save when finished.


Minimum frequency setting is 15 minutes.