Last updated on March 19, 2015

Scheduling Layouts


Layout schedules are playlists that contain one or more layouts that will be displayed at a specific date and time.

Enabling Layout Scheduling

Step 1

By default, layout scheduling is disabled in Appspace. Advanced users who wish to schedule layouts based on date and time may enable scheduling by going to the Settings tab on an application, check the box for Layout Scheduling and click Save.

Step 2

Once scheduling is enabled, the Schedule tab will become visible.

Creating a Layout Schedule

Step 1

After selecting your application, click the Schedule tab.

Step 2

Click the + button to add a new schedule.

Step 3

Fill in the name of the schedule.

Step 4

Select the Schedule Time. Play forever loops the schedule where else play between these dates allow you to configure a start and end date for the schedule.

Step 5

Select the schedule priority.


  • Normal Schedule – the application will play content from the schedule when it’s active and content from any lower priority schedules that are active.
  • Exclusive schedule – the application will play content from the schedule when it’s active and block the playout of content from all lower priority schedules.

Step 6

Use tag rules to restrict playback of the schedule to specific players, then proceed to set the recurrence. Note that you’ll have to add all recurrences to the list by clicking Add To List.

Step 7

Click Apply when finished.

Step 8

Click the schedule.

Step 9

Click Add Layout.

Step 10

Select a layout to add the layout to the schedule or deselect it to remove it and click Apply.

Deleting a Layout Schedule

Step 1

From the Schedule tab, click the schedule name and click delete. Click OK when prompted for confirmation.