Last updated on March 23, 2015

Widget: Plain Text


This widget is used to displays static plain text within an application. Depending on its location in the application layout, a Text widget is commonly used as:

  • Titles and/or headers preceding another widget
  • Descriptions for elements such as photos and graphical content
  • Labels for specific content in the layout

Editing A Plain Text Widget

Step 1

From an existing application, click on the widget from the selected layout or select it from the list of widgets on the right. To edit the widget in the Visual Editor, click on the Properties button at the bottom right. This will bring up the widget properties dialog.

Step 2

On the APPEARANCE tab, you will be able to view the layout of the widget. The right hand side of the page contains all the editable properties of the widget itself. In this tab, you are able to edit the properties in the COMMON section, as well as specific properties of the widget in the PROPERTY section such as adding/editing the text in the Text Content box. You may also choose to add Dynamic Text by checking that option.

Step 3

In the STYLE section, you can also customize the text by using a variety of formatting options, including font type, size, alignment and color. When you have finished adjusting all of the properties of your Plain Text widget, be sure to click on Apply to confirm the changes.

When selecting/customizing the font size, you may choose to define a custom size that is measured based on pixels. Select the Custom option from the Size drop-down menu and you will be granted the option to define the pixel size of your font.