Last updated on June 10, 2015

Cloud Integration


This article will guide you through the steps to disable Cloud integration for your on-premise Appspace server instance. Cloud integration is enabled by default to give users access to additional Cloud extensions (Home, Marketplace and Knowledge Center) from the extension/stack drop-down menu.


This article is only applicable to Omni plan subscribers (i.e. Omni-D, Omni-E, Omni-F, or Omni-G) that are deploying an on-premise instance of Appspace server. If you are a traditional subscriber (i.e. Pro, Pro+, or Enterprise) – please refer to the Applying Add-on Licenses (Traditional) article.


  • A fully-licensed on-premise Appspace server instance
  • Portal Administrator rights

Disabling Cloud Integration


Cloud integration is a global setting. If enabled, all users on the Appspace instance will gain access to the Cloud extensions that are available as a result of the integration.

  1. From the extension drop-down menu, select System followed by Configuration.

  2. Click on the tab. On the Cloud Configuration (Integration Options) page, select the radio button for Disable Cloud Integration and click Save.

  3. A confirmation dialog will prompt you to save your changes. Click Yes to finish the integration process.

  4. If successful, all users should now be not able to access additional Cloud extensions/resources directly from the stack drop-down menu.