Last updated on June 09, 2015

Syslog Settings



This option is only available for on-premise deployments.

Syslog is a well-established protocol for computer data logging. Administrators can enable and configure syslog for the Appspace system to be collected/archived to an external syslog server.


  • Open (unrestricted) data communication over the network port defined by the syslog server
  • Portal administrator privileges on the Appspace server

Configuring Syslog Settings

  1. From the extension drop-down menu, select System followed by Configuration.

  2. Select the Syslog tab and proceed to enable syslog logging by checking the check box for Enable Logging to Syslog server. You should then be given the option to define the Syslog server IP address and Syslog Server Port. Complete these fields and click Save to apply these settings.

    If successful, you should see short confirmation message.

    Click here to download a sample syslog file that has been collected from an Appspace server instance.