Last updated on June 10, 2015

Weather API via WWO



This is only applicable to on-premise deployments.

For the Appspace weather widget, the default service provider is Weather Decision Technology (WDT).


Weather Decision Technology is only capable of delivering information for the North American region.

In order to obtain weather information for regions other than North America, you will need to properly configure and use World Weather Online (WWO) as a weather service provider. This guide outlines the steps to acquire a new API via the WWO website and importing the API key into Appspace for proper deployment in weather widgets.

Obtaining the WWO API Key

  1. Browse to the website and click the FREE WEATHER API tab.

  2. Click on the FREE SIGNUP button.

  3. You can now register your new account either via Register Socially or the Register Manually option. In this case we will be using the manual way of registration.

  4. A verification email will be sent to your registered email address. Click on the verification link and it will bring you back to the WWO website.

  5. Click on the Get new key for this API.

  6. Fill in the details of your weather app.


    WWO free access accounts can only have 1 API key generated and active at a time per account.

  7. Copy the API key displayed for the next section where you will add this key to your on premise Appspace server settings.

Importing the WWO API Key into Appspace

  1. From the extension drop-down menu, select System followed by Configuration.

  2. Select the Weather tab and proceed to configure the Weather Provider by selecting (WWO) World Weather Online from the drop-down menu. Enter the API key that you obtained from the WWO site previously and click Save to confirm your settings.

  3. At the Confirmation window, click Yes to save your entries/changes.

  4. The system should automatically detect a change to the Appspace settings and prompt you with a notification at the top of the page. Click on the “Click Here” link.

  5. You will automatically be taken to the Apply Configuration tab. To finish applying the changes to the system settings, enter your Windows server credentials and click Apply.


    The username and password should be your Windows server administrator credentials or an account with local administrator privileges to make and apply changes to server settings. This is NOT your Appspace server administrator credentials or your Appspace Cloud user credentials.

  6. At the Confirmation window, click Yes to restart Appspace.

    You should see a message indicating the Appspace server’s restart progress.

    If successful, you should be presented with an Information dialog window confirming the update. Click OK to complete the process.

Applying the WWO API Into the Weather Widget

  1. Navigate to the desired application that contains the weather widget in which to implement the WWO API. Select the Edit tab and click on the (Visual Editor) icon.

  2. From the Visual Editor interface, select the weather widget from the WIDGETS list. Click on the Properties button to continue.

  3. Under PROPERTIES, find the Provider drop-down menu. Select the World Weather Online option and also update the weather location(s) appropriately. Click Apply to complete the process. The weather widget should now be able to access and display weather information from locations outside the North American region.