Last updated on September 22, 2015

Edge 340 Firmware Upgrade


This guide outlines the steps to upgrade the firmware on the Cisco Edge 340.


  • Cisco Edge 340 device
  • 1 USB flash drive containing the Edge 340 firmware file
  • 1 firmware file (for use with the USB flash drive)

Upgrading the Edge 340 Firmware

  1. SSH into the Edge 340 using either PuTTy (on a Windows PC) or Terminal (on a Mac) using the commands shown. Replace {deviceIP} with the IP address of the Edge device. (verify with your network administrator regarding the correct IP address and root credentials for the Edge 340).

    # ssh root@{device IP}
    # root@{device IP} password: aDMIN123#

  2. Use the mkdir command to create the /tmp/mnt directory.

    # mkdir /tmp/mnt

  3. Connect the USB drive containing the firmware file to one of the USB ports of the Edge 340. Use the blkid command to locate the USB drive. (usually /dev/sdxx, with xx being b1, b2 or c1, c2 etc.) For this guide, we will assume it is /dev/sde1.

    /dev/sdb1: LABEL="USBDRIVE" UUID="62DA-9611" TYPE="vfat"

  4. Mount the USB drive.

    # mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/mnt

  5. Locate the firmware file and copy the file to any location on the device. (In this example, we are copying the firmware file to apps/nexus2).

    # cp /tmp/mnt/{firmwarefile.bin} /apps/nexus2/{firmwarefile.bin}

  6. Navigate to apps/nexus2.

    # cd apps/nexus2

  7. Set execution permissions for the firmware file.

    # chmod a+x {firmwarefile.bin}

  8. Run the firmware upgrade.

    # su -c ./{firmwarefile.bin}

  9. In the event you are prompted for a password, key in the device’s root password (aDMIN123#). Please allow approximately 30 minutes for the upgrade process to complete.

    # password: aDMIN123#