Last updated on May 08, 2015

Portrait Apps on the Edge 340


This guide will illustrate the steps to configure your Edge 340 for portrait applications.


In order to achieve a full orientation of the app as well as the device’s display orientation, you will need to change the orientation of the device via the Web GUI as well as run the orientation switching script via SSH.

Setting the Orientation via the Web GUI

Step 1

Log in to the Web GUI for the Edge 340 by typing in the IP address of the device in the browser URL box.

Step 2

Select Resolution on the System tab.

Step 3

Click on the Rotation dropdown and select the desired rotation.

Step 4

Click Apply.

Step 5

Click OK on the confirmation pop up. The device will then reboot and apply the setting change.

Running the Orientation Switching script via SSH

Step 1

SSH into the device.

ssh root@(device IP address)

Step 2

Navigate to /apps/nexus2.

# cd /apps/nexus2/

Step 3

Run ./ [portrait/landscape] [0/90/180/270] and the device will reboot and switch the orientation.

./ portrait 90


Use 90 to rotate app to the right or 270 to rotate app to the left and be sure to match the rotation settings on the device Web GUI.