Last updated on July 30, 2015

Device Tasks Layout and Interface

Device Tasks Extension

The following illustrates the layout of the Device Tasks extension in Appspace.

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab is the default landing page. The Dashboard page displays the network tree, all deployed tasks, and the number of task displayed. You can configure the dashboard to select tasks to monitor.

Device Configuration Tab

The Device Configuration page allows administrators to configure various device parameters, whether it is for a single device, a group of devices within a sub-network, or all devices available in the entire network. The open framework also makes it possible to set new configuration options.

Monitoring Tasks Tab

The Monitoring Tasks page allows administrators to view the status of tasks for various devices, based on the pre-configured templates in Device Tasks for each device, group of devices, or each network. For each task that is displayed, you can view the name, target devices, parameter, value, source, and the task’s health status with status alert icons displayed next to affected devices.

These attributes can be queried based on a configured frequency.

Advanced Tasks Tab

This page enables administrators to customize and deploy tasks containing specific actions for supported devices. There is also the option to schedule task deployments over a defined period, enabling enhanced automation, and simplifying management of the devices.

The details that are viewable in this tab are:

  • Task Name
  • Target Devices for task deployment
  • Source (network, sub-network, device group)
  • Last Deployed date of task
  • Schedule (Immediate, On-Demand or specific timeframe)
  • Task Health Status (with Status Alert Icons displayed next to affected devices)

Task Templates Tab

In the Task Templates page, administrators can create and customize task templates for specific device types within a group or network. A default collection of configuration, monitoring, and advanced tasks will be pre-populated in this page for use on the list of supported devices. Task templates can also be imported and exported to allow for contributions from the greater community.

There are three types of templates that can be created here:

  • Configuration Templates – for use in the Device Configuration tab.
  • Monitoring Templates – for use in the Monitoring Tasks tab.
  • Advanced Task Templates – for use in the Advanced Tasks tab.

A newly created task template will need to contain the following details:

  • Task Class (the type of task template)
  • Task Name
  • Description
  • Common Parameters
  • Task Definition (please refer to the next section)
  • Availability (global or specific location)
  • Schedule