Last updated on June 11, 2015

Introduction to Extensions


This is only applicable for On-Premise deployments.

All extensions that are available in an Appspace instance are listed and managed within a single page called Extensions. The Extensions page is accessible via the Appspace drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the Appspace instance. The Extensions page provides administrators with the following abilities:

  • Install, delete, or download extensions
  • Enable or disable extensions
  • Manage role accessibility


To view or access the Extensions page in the Appspace dashboard, users must have Portal Administrator level access.

Extensions Page

The Extensions page contains a table that lists all extensions that are currently installed on the Appspace instance. The table contains several columns that provide additional information such as the extension version, description, and the user roles configured to be allowed access to each extension. Once an extension is selected, the selected row is highlighted, and several additional icons appear at the top of the page. These quick-launch icons will allow you to install, delete, download, disable, and enable extensions that are listed on this page.

Acquiring Extensions

In addition to the Appspace extensions that come pre-installed, referred to as Core extensions, you may acquire additional ‘Premium’ extensions from the Appspace Marketplace. The Marketplace is accessible from the Content group in the extensions drop-down menu.


The appropriate Appspace Omni subscription or traditional license is required to install the extension to your Appspace instance.