Last updated on July 30, 2015

Introduction to Languages


This is only applicable for On-Premise deployments.

Languages is an Appspace core extension that provides a management interface to install, review, import, or export various language dictionaries. A language dictionary is mapped to a standard IETF language code. The default language dictionary that is packaged with Appspace Core is EN-US (English US). Language dictionaries are modular and can exist for every module. Translations for each dictionary can either be:

  • Full: Every phrase has been completely translated.
  • Partial: Some phrases are complete, and other phrases may be blank.
  • None: None of the phrases have been translated.

Language Packs

Language packs can be added to your Appspace instance through the use of some quick-launch icons (add, import, delete). Additionally, the search bar allows users to search languages by name.


Only language packs that were previously exported from an Appspace 5.0.x (or later) instance can be imported.