Last updated on July 30, 2015

Library Layout and Interface

Extension UI

The Library allows you to upload, store, and manage content for use in applications. The library is shared among users of within the same user group. Folders within the library are used to organize and manage the media content.

Library Actions

There are actions within the Library that allow the user to upload, delete, tag, and search content.


Filters are used to sort and populate the content listing. Selecting different types, usage, and age parameters will present the user with content listings that are scoped to those filter parameters. To select a filter, click the drop-down menu from the Filters section to choose the attribute you wish to filter by.

Display Options

The content listing is an area that displays content that has been uploaded to the library. The user can change the content listing by changing filter parameters, selecting content tags, and/or selecting folders. There are two main views to display content.

Stack View

Users can view the Library listing in stack view with larger thumbnails by selecting the stack view button.

List View

Users can also view the Library listing in list view that includes content details/properties by selecting the list view button.

Content Tags

The tags column displays available tags that have been tagged to contents in the library. Clicking on a tag automatically populates the content listing with contents that have been tagged with that tag. A user can also click more than one tag to display the more frequently tagged contents.

Library Folders

Library folders display all folders within the account. Clicking a folder’s name link will automatically populate the content listing with contents within that folder.

Library Information

Within both views, users will be given a summary of the folder status in the upper-right corner that includes the number of media files and the size of the folder.