Last updated on August 13, 2015

Adding and Inviting Users

This article provides the instructions to add additional users to your Appspace instance via email invitation in the Users extension. This workflow covers the basics of creating and sending an invitation to the user to begin creating their account.


In Appspace 5.5, the Invite User function has replaced the Import User function from previous releases.


You must be one of the following users:

  • Account Owner
  • Network Administrator
  • For On-Premise deployments, when using AD/LDAP Authentication, email addresses must be created in Active Directory prior to creating user invitations in Appspace.

Creating and Sending User Invitations

  1. Select a network from the network tree which contains the user group the new user would be added to. Click the ‘Invite users’ icon in the toolbar.

  2. In the ‘Invite users’ window, enter in the email of the new user, and select the desired user group for the user.


    If the desired group is not available in the drop-down menu, it may be due to a wrong network or sub-network selected initially. Return to the network tree and select the correct network, or sub-network.

  3. Assign a role for the user. Additional roles can be added to the user here. Roles that have been automatically added to the user are those inherited based on the user group selected. Click Send to send out the invitation.


    Multiple users can be added by repeating the process using the additional rows to send out multiple invitations at the same time.

  4. Back to the Users landing page, click the user group to view the user invites that was sent. The status of users whom have been invited, but have not activated their accounts are displayed as ‘Pending’.

Resending Invitations

Administrators have the ability to resend invitations, in case the user has not received or has accidentally deleted the invitation email.

  1. Navigate to the user group the user is in, and check the checkbox next to the user’s email. Click the ‘Resend invitations’ button in the toolbar.

  2. When prompted, click Confirm to confirm resending of the invitation to the intended user.