Last updated on August 13, 2015

Group and User Roles


This article provides the outline of the various user roles available in Appspace for different groups and users. These user roles encapsulate the common activities that are applied to specific workflows, such as managing applications, content, and networks.

User Role Definitions

Account Owner

The Account Owner has access to everything within the account with the exception of configuring system settings. As an Account Owner, you are able to manage all users, user groups, networks, devices, content assets, applications and manage all add-on extensions within your account.

Network Administrator

Users that are granted the Network Administrator role will have visibility to all network properties and sub-networks within their network. This role allows them to define (add/delete/edit) the structure of their network, create and manage users (and user groups) within the network, and register and manage player devices and player groups.

Content Administrator

The Content Administrator will typically be the head of the app design team or marketing team and will have an overview to all apps and content within their current network. A Content Administrator will be able to access any app, widget or content that exists within the network. If a content widget requires approval in order for content to be updated, they will also have the ability to approve or reject content updates to widgets. In a typical workflow, a content manager can upload or allocate a new piece of content to a widget, but the update will only happen if it is approved by a Content Administrator.

Content Producer

Content Producers will be able to access the Library to upload and manage content items within the account. As a content producer, you’ll be able to populate and manage all content assets within the Library. This role can be assigned to users from third-party content producing companies to grant them access to the Library while restricting access to all other extensions and settings.


Users that are new to Appspace will be initially registered as a standard user. A standard user will only have access to the dashboard.

Extension Access Matrix

When a user is granted visibility to an extension, it’s automatically implied that the user will also be given full access to everything within that extension, with the only exception of application permissions.


  • PA - Portal Administrator
  • AO – Account Owner
  • NA – Network Administrator
  • CA – Content Administrator
  • CP – Content Producer
  • U – User
Access to PA AO NA CA CP U
User Profile
Account Settings
System Settings
Device Tasks