Last updated on October 22, 2016

Legacy Device Release Notes

This release note describes updates to player packages for legacy devices.

Player Package v 7.0.69


This package is currently only available for Appspace On-Premises 6.0.2


  • Date formats in the RSS Viewer and RSS Ticker widgets can now be customized using the and properties. The default date format (MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm) will be used if there are no defined properties.

Resolved Bugs

  • APC-2604 - Alerts does not work on Edge 300 and Edge 340 devices if the server URL protocol is HTTPS.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2583 - During playback of videos in a sign, the videos play randomly and not in the set sequence, with brief black screens.
  • AE-2597 - Unable to change the date format in the RSS Ticker widget which is set to mm/dd/yyyy.
  • AE-2598 - When using the “Fade In Fade Out” transition in the RSS Ticker widget, the Right Align setting does not work.

Player Package v 7.0.68


  • Improved Flash heartbeat detection logic to improve Appspace Flash Client service.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2440 - The Appspace Flash Client crashes and reboots, displaying blank screens.

Player Package v 7.0.67


  • Improved the timestamp logic check during a sync for all legacy devices.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2305 - Arabic text does not display correctly in the Table Listing widget on a Cisco Edge 340 player.
  • AE-2351 - The Plain Text widget is unable to load dynamic text.
  • AE-2415 - The Cisco Edge 340 device IP address disappears after a device sync when running Play or Channels.
  • AE-2448 - Although Autopage is set to ‘None’, pages in the Table Listing widget are still scrollable.
  • AE-2469 - Flash content does not load on the Appspace PC Player with Flash (Appspace Windows PC client with Flash).