Last updated on July 26, 2016

Installing the Appspace App on a BrightSign device

This article provides the instructions to configure and register BrightSign devices for Appspace.


  • The device must meet the manufacturer’s minimum hardware and technical specifications. Please refer to Supported Devices.
  • The Appspace account must have sufficient Appspace IDs to register the device.
  • An active Internet connection.
  • Ensure the device has been installed with the latest firmware (v 6.1.76 or higher). Download here:
  • Ensure the device clock has been set. Please refer to
  • A BrightSign compatible SD card.
  • A USB keyboard for activation.
  • Ensure your network/firewall/anti-virus software is configured to allow access to the following:
    • Network port 80 (HTTP)
    • Network port 443 (HTTPS)

Configuring BrightSign


The device must be installed with the latest firmware v 6.1.76 or higher, before you proceed.

Follow the instructions below to setup the BrightSign device:

  1. Go to Downloads in your Appspace Cloud account, and download the Appspace App for BrightSign client (

  2. Copy the file to an SD card.

  3. Insert the SD card into the BrightSign device.

  4. Connect the device to a display screen.

  5. Ensure network connectivity is active, and switch on the BrightSign device. Wait for the device to boot-up and display the ‘Device registration’ page.


    The BrightSign device may need to be restarted a couple of times if the device registration page does not show up.

  6. Follow the onscreen instructions to register the device, and assign a channel. For more detailed instructions, click the Registering a Device with Appspace App article.


If you need to reset the device to the default factory settings, please refer to the vendor’s Support forum here: