Last updated on July 20, 2016

Company and subscription details

Administrators are able to access the Account section once they have successfully logged into their On-premise Appspace Server instance. This section is accessed from the Appspace menu. There are three tabs within the Account section that provides company details, customization options, and license activation services.

Company Tab

The first tab within the Account section is the Company tab. This page allows the administrator to enter in the company details, such as address, company logo, contact details for a centralized profile that syncs with the cloud account.

Subscription Tab

The second tab within the Account section is the Subscription tab. This page provides information and data that is specific to your Cloud account such as your current subscription plan start/end dates, provisioned (and available) CALs or Appspace IDs, and overall Cloud usage statistics.


The Subscription tab may look different from one user account to another. The information that is displayed will reflect the type of Cloud subscription your account has been upgraded to (i.e. traditional or Omni).

Instance Settings Tab

The last tab available within the Account section is the Instance Settings tab. This page provides additional configurations that can be utilized to personalize account preferences. These include:

  • Appspace Domain - Administrators can set up their own Appspace subdomain or use a custom domain.
  • Custom Sign In Page - Administrators can create a custom login page.
  • Website Logo - Administrators can change the logo in the header to use their own custom company or product logo.
  • Header Background - Administrators can customize the Appspace header to use a custom color.
  • Language - Users can configure the default language to load when accessing Appspace.
  • Time Zone - Users can configure the time zone to display date / time in Appspace.