Last updated on July 18, 2016

Adding media

This article provides instructions to adding and configuring media files or documents in the Library.

Add Media File or Document

  1. In Library, select the desired folder, and click the Upload button.

  2. In the ‘Upload a media file or document’ section, drag-and-drop files directly from an open folder on your desktop, or click ‘select files’ and browse for content.


    You can simply drag an item into the drop zone to start uploading a file, and continue to drop files while other content items are being uploaded.

  3. Once the content is uploaded, double-click the content.

  4. In the Content Properties tab, fill in the title, description, tags, and set an expiry date.

    For more information on Content Expiry, click the Setting Content Expiry article.


    Content item Titles and Description can be used via action scripting. E.g. On media load, set plain text to content items title.

  5. To preview or download content, click the ‘Open Media’ button, or ‘Download media’ buttons respectively.

  6. If additional content attributes are required, click the Attributes tab, and fill in the Attribute and Value for the content.


    These attributes cannot be accessed through action scripting. They are used primarily to provide additional identification to the content item.

  7. Click Save.

  8. To search for content, fill in the keyword in the search field, and click the search icon, or press enter. The search results are displayed in the content listings.

  9. To tag content, click the ‘Tag selected media’ button, fill in the tag name or select from a list of existing tags, and click Apply.

  10. To delete content, select the desired content, and click the ‘Delete selected media’ button. Click OK to confirm.