Last updated on February 04, 2017

Managing multi-tenancy

This article provides the instructions to add and manage multi-tenancy accounts and groups.


  • Portal Administrator privileges on your Appspace server.
  • Multi-Tenancy installed.
  • Appspace server e-mail configured.


Multi-tenancy is not supported when using AD/LDAP authentication.

Creating a New Account Group


The Administrator interface works best on Internet Explorer 7 and above.

Account Groups represent the virtual location from which accounts are placed together (forming tenants), separate from other accounts that are not of the same organization. Follow the instructions below to create a new account group.

  1. Click the user icon on the top-right of the toolbar and select Administrator Mode.

  2. Click Yes when prompted for confirmation.

  3. From the Administrator Mode interface, select the ACCOUNT tab. The default landing page for this view is Account Info.


    Here you will see all the additional links for Multi-Tenancy:

    • Account Management
    • Deleted Accounts
    • Account Importer
  4. Click the ACCOUNT tab, select Account Management on the left pane, and click the New Group link.

  5. Fill in the Name and Description, and click Save.

  6. The system will return to the previous page. Check the drop-down menu to verify that your newly-created group is listed.

Creating a New Account

Multi-Tenancy allows you to create up to 10 accounts in a single Appspace On-Premise.


You must configure E-mail notifications first.

  1. Click the ACCOUNT tab, select Account Management on the left pane, and click the New Account link.

  2. Under Create Account, do the following:

    • Fill in all the various details for the user account.

    • Select the correct Group to allocate the new account to.

    • Ensure that the Send Registration To field contains the correct email address for sending the registration link.

    • The API key is a code that can be generated by Appspace to allow users to access their Appspace API (Application Programming Interface).

    • Date Commenced is the commencement date of the account upon registration or as desired.

  3. Set the Account Type, as follows:

    • Full Account: grants an option to either set a maximum value for the resource usage or set it to Unlimited.
    • Trial Account: allows a maximum value to be set for the resource usage for the account.

    Select the desired options to restrict resource usage by defining the value for max players, max networks, etc. Click the Save button to finish creating the account.

  4. Click Back in the Create Account Successful page.

  5. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided in the Send Registration To section above.

Activating An Account

  1. Open the confirmation email containing the activation details of the new account. Take note of the credentials listed in the email (username and password). Click the link in the email to begin the account activation process.

  2. In the ‘Account confirmation’ page, click the ‘Proceed to Appspace’ button.

  3. Read the Software License Agreement (EULA) and click Accept.

  4. You will now be on the Appspace Dashboard. To confirm your account name, click the Settings icon. Your account name link will be displayed at the top of the page.


    It is highly recommended that you change your password at this point by clicking the account name link and accessing the profile settings.

Deleting An Account

  1. Click the ACCOUNT tab, select Account Management on the left pane, and select the account you wish to delete. You can search for the desired account name using the provided options. The results will be displayed in the account listing table. Click the Edit link for the desired account.

  2. Click the Delete Account link on the top-right corner of the Edit Account section. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.

  3. Click Back in the Delete Account Successful page.

Switching Tenanted Accounts

  1. Click the Settings icon on the Appspace Dashboard, and in the My Location section, click the Change link.

  2. Select the tenanted Account you would like to change location to from the drop-down menu and click Save.

  3. The Appspace account will now switch to the newly selected account and display content and widgets relevant to that account.