5.0.1 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.0.1 build is a maintenance release that introduces several new features and also brings greater enhancements and stability to the platform.

Platform Enhancements

Layout Timing Options

  • App layouts in Sign Manager now have additional timing options.
  • In addition to the default value-based timing duration, there is now a “Play Forever” option for a layout.
  • This makes it possible for app creators to make layouts that perpetually stay without any time-outs.

User Profile Information

  • The user profile page now includes information that shows which group the current user belongs to and what roles have been assigned.

Remote Control Widget Update

  • The Remote Control Widget has been updated to support the Edge 300. (Please check with Cisco to see the official list of supported remote controls.)

Player Content Sync Status

  • The Player Content Sync information is viewable through the Network Management extension.
  • Selecting a player from the player device list will show information in the form of a hover tool tip when a player is in the process of syncing. The following information is displayed during the syncing process: * Total number of files syncing * Current file download

Appspace Cloud Integration

  • The Appspace Cloud is the new service delivery platform that introduces a new subscriber system with varying support and service levels.
  • The Appspace Core will be updated to align with the subscriber service delivery model to offer tiered options on the Cloud.

Extension Updates

Language Manager

  • The Language Manager is a new extension that is now a standard part of Appspace Core.
  • The Language Manager is a language globalization framework that enables administrators to install, import, and export language dictionaries that are supported both within Appspace Core and for individual extensions.
  • Language dictionaries are supported both within Appspace Core, and for individual extensions.
  • The English (US) language dictionary is supplied by default in Appspace Core. Additional languages will be made available through the online community.