Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core build is a maintenance release that introduces new services for device management and better stability.

Key Highlights

Task Manager Service

  • A new device task manager service provides the required framework for the new Advanced Device Management extension to communicate with supported player devices.

HTTPS Support for PC Player

The PC player now supports communication over HTTPS.

High Availability Update

  • The HA configuration tool has been updated to align with the service architecture framework in the 5.0 platform. This resolves the “split brain” scenarios that have been reported and ensures that the primary and secondary instances are properly synchronized.

Sign Manager Unicode Character Support

  • Support for unicode characters are enabled in all Sign Manager modules and now allow all international characters to be displayed.
  • Regional player packages will be required to display specific regional fonts and these will be made available in the AIR Software Downloads.

Password Change Mechanism Update

  • When a user needs to change their current password to a new one, they are now required to enter their old password for verification.
  • Additionally, password resets no longer send the password in clear text over email, and require users to activate through a secure URL.

PC Player Widget Formatting Updates

  • The PC Player has been updated with formatting fixes that include the following: RSS ticker, text ticker, plaint text, clock and event calendar widgets.

Improved API Security

  • All API methods have been reviewed for security compliance against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) exploits.
  • This prevents reflected attacks from being executed from input fields at the server.

XFS Security Control

  • Cross-Frame Scripting (XFS) is client-side attack related to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) that exploits browser cross-frame vulnerabilities.
  • Appspace Core pages have been hardened to prevent external sites from embedding any parts of the platform service.

Cache Control for Security Sensitive Pages

  • Pages containing sensitive information such as user profile pages and configuration settings have caching disabled for better client-side security.

Sign Manager Text Formatting Fixes

  • Text formatting in Sign Manager apps are now consistent between the Visual Editor preview and player devices running the Flash runtime.
  • Devices running the Flash runtime include both the Cisco DMP 4310 as well as the Cisco Edge 300.

Workbook Provider Updates

  • The Workbook Provider now has a database verification step that allows users to verify their queries to a database.
  • The interval values are also reflected in both the Core as well as the player.
  • Hashing has also been implemented to the data provider source to prevent unnecessary updates.

Table Listing Formatting Fixes

  • The Table Listing widget now shows consistent formatting between the widget preview and app preview.

Event Calendar Fixes

  • The Event Calendar data provider for both Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar has been fixed to show the correct entries.

SmartHub ASE Support for Appspace Player

  • The Appspace Player includes support for SmartHub ASE which allows pre-positioning of content.