5.0.3 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.0.3 build is a maintenance release that focuses on security enhancements and includes the latest bug fixes.

Platform Enhancements

Dynamic Media

  • Dynamic media lets you specify content that is located externally (such as images or video files) and set a frequency to retrieve new versions of the content.
  • Dynamic media is useful to display content that changes frequently without manual uploading such as weather and traffic camera images, and server generated graphs.

Support for Cisco Edge 340 Player Device

  • A new device registration wizard for the Cisco Edge 340 player device is now included.
  • The Cisco Edge 340 also appears in the Target Device drop-down list in the Sign Manager extension.

Improved Cloud Linking

  • When an on-premise Core is linked to the Cloud, the workflows between the local and Cloud identities are better defined.

Updated Advanced Device Management Tasks

  • The Advanced Device Management extension is updated with a collection of default device tasks for supported players, and also includes support for the new Cisco Edge 340.

Updated Password Change Mechanism

  • When a user needs to change their current password to a new one, they are now required to enter their old password for verification.
  • Additionally, password resets are sent as an email that bring users to a secure page to perform the reset.

API Security

  • All API methods have been reviewed for security compliance against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) exploits.

Client Enhancements

Screen Saver Mode for PC Player

  • The PC (DirectX) Player has been updated with the option to activate Screen Saver Mode.
  • When activated, the player will run when the Windows OS screen saver starts.

Browser-based Presentation Support for PC Player

  • The PC (DirectX) Player has been updated with the option to support browser-based presentation modes:
  • IE-Chrome presentation engine
  • IE-Flash presentation engine

PC Player Supports Conditional Events

  • The PC (DirectX) Player now has feature parity with the Flash-based players to support conditional events.

VLC Support for Cisco Edge 340 Player

  • The Edge 340 player includes support for VLC format videos which allows the display of non-MPEG4 video formats (such as WMV). Note: VLC video formats will take a longer time to load as it needs to instantiate the codec and plugin for different video types.

Fixes and Improvements in Appspace


  • System Admin – Unprompted password recovery e-mails being sent
  • System Admin – Username/e-mail unable to support apostrophe character
  • System Admin – in Administrator Mode, server error message encountered when using duplicate e-mails to create accounts
  • API – RetrieveDevice API call fails to pull the proper device ID

Sign Manager

  • Unexpected yellow border around media container
  • Media container missing content after importing application
  • Event room layout cannot adjust column width if there is only 1 row
  • “More Options” schedule settings don’t adjust for Daylight Savings Time
  • HTML content not properly contained in Visual Editor in Internet Explorer 10
  • Reordering (re-numbering) media zone contents not functioning
  • Table listing widget content not updating changes
  • Application export fails due to script error
  • Imported application does not appear if imported after switching accounts
  • Scheduled content failing after importing an application
  • Encoded double quotes in data source fails when used in Table Listing widget
  • Media zone preload fails if the first item in playlist is a video asset
  • Certain Rich Text fonts are incorrectly displayed in Preview, Visual Editor, and the player
  • Copied (duplicated) media zones do not retain the same dimensions (width/height)

Other Extensions

  • Content Library – unable to delete allocated images if selecting > than 20 items
  • Multi-Tenancy – failed account creation failure prompts check for multi-tenancy license
  • Network Management – inaccurate player tags when exporting player listing via CSV format
  • User Management – exception error when adding a new group after switching accounts


  • Edge 300 – audio mute does not function
  • Edge 300 – inaccurate playout duration error
  • Edge 300 – Download Manager logs and other files are cleared after reboot
  • DMP4400G – using proxy requires reboot to sync changes
  • DMP4400G – using proxy is unable to display RSS feeds
  • SmartHub ASE – unregistered SmartHub players appear in device listing

Fixes and Improvements in Appspace


  • System Admin – adjusted terminating process methods within Appspace server
  • System Admin – applying configurations returns failed error messaging when using valid credentials


  • Advanced Device Management – unable to properly execute frequency-type tasks
  • Advanced Device Management – daily/weekly/monthly tasks are incorrectly implemented
  • Campaign Manager – campaign zone ID hard coded for a specific widget ID
  • Extension Manager – unable to reorder (move up/down) extensions
  • Extension Manager – “Whoops” error when attempting to save on Extension Details page
  • Priority Messaging – player client displays a black screen for the first broadcast after deactivation


  • Edge 340 – client post-installation processes fail to execute
  • Edge 340 – resolved orientation persistence upon startup
  • Edge 300/340 – Appspace monitor fails to reboot the device
  • Edge 300/340 – playing short videos back-to-back results in a black zone (VLC player)
  • Edge 300/340 – optimized startup scripts and Download Manager processes, resolved ADM tasks using NaN parameter
  • Edge 300/340 – Flash player unable to retrieve application player properties
  • DMP4310G – speed limit (rate limiting) option when enabled is not being enforced
  • SmartHub ASE – servers using MS SQL database cannot add SmartHub resources

Fixes and Improvements in Appspace


  • System Admin – password in user profile field inadvertently hidden
  • System Admin – Appspace servers linked to Cloud does not handle authentication exceptions properly
  • System Admin – max execution timeout of Appspace server to be increased to handle large file size uploads
  • System Admin – script generation (application syncing) fails if the player tagging is being used
  • System Admin – password in user profile field inadvertently hidden
  • API – unable to properly upload (video) content is a user is from a different user group
  • API – unable to retrieve all players using “retrieve network by id” API


  • Advanced Device Manager – maxed out at listing only 50 devices when 50+ exists in the network
  • Content Library – unable to upload content if user is from a different user group
  • Network Management – sub-networks unable to add or inherit properties of parent network
  • Sign Manager, Content Library – unable to create and edit web page with selected type (URL)
  • Sign Manager – remote control widget properties not properly updated during import process
  • Sign Manager – Visual Editor listing of widget fails if more than 40 widgets exists inside a single layout
  • Sign Manager – unable to create a widget due to tables that contain XML null (empty value)
  • Sign Manager – calendar widget events are not properly imported (duplicate results)


  • Edge 300/340 – Appspace monitor fails to reboot the device