5.1.2 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.1.2 build is a planned update that focuses on platform enhancements and includes the latest bug fixes. This build was released on October 30th, 2014 and covers both Appspace Cloud and on-premise deployments.

Platform Enhancements

Support for Multiple Domains

  • This enhancement allows for better scalability, security, and helps fulfill replication requirements for large organizations with a high number of objects across multiple domains in their Active Directory system.
  • Within Appspace Core, the Active Directory configuration user interface has been updated to be able to configure & support multiple domains.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  • A database agnostic framework has been added which will provide administrators with the choice of deploying Appspace Core with multiple database options.

Security Enhancements

User Account Lockout Option

  • The native Appspace authentication service now has a new configurable option to lock user accounts after reaching the maximum number of failed sign-in attempts.
  • The maximum retry value can also be specifically defined within this new security feature.

Password Complexity Option

  • The native Appspace authentication service now provides the option to enable password complexity requirements.
  • When enabled, password composition rules will be enforced to ensure that users create/generate passwords that meet the minimum complexity requirements as defined in the system.

Additional Enhancements

SIP Call Widget for Edge 340

  • The latest Edge 340 firmware (1.1) introduces a new SIP client that enables it to function as a TelePresence endpoint for video calls.
  • A new SIP Call Widget has been added into the Sign Manager and allows app designers to perform the following: * Insert the SIP Call Widget as a layout object into an app. * Configure the widget to be registered with the Cisco Unified Call Manager. * Start, accept and end calls through actions. * Respond to a collection of SIP events through app scripting.

Move Players Between Networks

  • The Network Management extension has been improved to allow administrators to move player devices among/between different networks.

Move Apps Between Networks

  • The Sign Manager extension has been improved to allow administrators to move an app among/between different networks.

Move Users Between Groups and Networks

  • The User Management extension has been improved to allow administrators to move users among/between groups in different networks.

New Weather Widget Icons

  • The Weather Widget in Sign Manager has been refreshed with a new collection of “flat” icon designs.

Bug Fixes

Appspace JobRunner

  • AP-5807: JobRunner cleanup by deleting all temporary AppspaceJobs to conserve disk space and improve server performance.


The Appspace JobRunner system works in the background to execute Appspace system jobs, primarily instantiating resources that are used by apps.

Advanced Device Management

  • AP-5824: Removed deployed task is not reflected on ADM Client.

Client Updates

  • APC-114: Priority Messaging shows error for HTML content.
  • APC-122: Flash security file is not copied during application initialization on PC player.
  • APC-120: ADM tasks are not executed properly (on particular days) when deployment schedule is used.


With the release of this maintenance update, the Appspace Player version is now independent of the Appspace Core version. The Flash Player version is now officially 7.0.0 and will continue to have independent version numbers from Appspace Core from now on.