5.1.0 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.1 build is a planned release that introduces additional platform enhancements, provides improved security features, and includes the latest bug fixes.

Target Deployment

  • Public Cloud (Appspace Cloud)

Platform Enhancements

Support for Multiple Domains

  • This enhancement allows for better scalability, security, and helps fulfill replication requirements for large organizations with a high number of objects across multiple domains in their Active Directory system.
  • Within Appspace Core, the Active Directory configuration user interface has been updated to be able to configure & support multiple domains.

Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  • A database agnostic framework has been added which will provide administrators with the choice of deploying Appspace Core with multiple database options.

Security Enhancements

User Account Lockout Option

  • The native Appspace authentication service now has a new configurable option to lock user accounts after reaching the maximum number of failed sign-in attempts.
  • The maximum retry value can also be specifically defined within this new security feature.

Password Complexity Option

  • The native Appspace authentication service now provides the option to enable password complexity requirements.
  • When enabled, password composition rules will be enforced to ensure that users create/generate passwords that meet the minimum complexity requirements as defined in the system.

Additional Enhancements

SIP Call Widget for Edge 340

  • The latest Edge 340 firmware (1.1) introduces a new SIP client that enables it to function as a TelePresence endpoint for video calls.
  • A new SIP Call Widget has been added into the Sign Manager and allows app designers to perform the following: * Insert the SIP Call Widget as a layout object into an app. * Configure the widget to be registered with the Cisco Unified Call Manager. * Start, accept and end calls through actions. * Respond to a collection of SIP events through app scripting.

Move Players Between Networks

  • The Network Management extension has been improved to allow administrators to move player devices among/between different networks.

Move Apps Between Networks

  • The Sign Manager extension has been improved to allow administrators to move an app among/between different networks.

Move Users Between Groups and Networks

  • The User Management extension has been improved to allow administrators to move users among/between groups in different networks.

New Weather Widget Icons

  • The Weather Widget in Sign Manager has been refreshed with a new collection of “flat” icon designs.