Last updated on March 28, 2016

5.10 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.10 build is a planned update that focused on platform optimization, enhancements, and bug fixes. With a release date of April 2nd, 2016, this version is for Appspace Cloud only.

What’s new in Appspace 5.10

A Simplified Networks Overview

The following workflow improvements have been introduced in the Networks extension:

  • We now have a simplified workflow when creating a new network, requiring you to input only the network name.

  • All network editing functions are now placed in a single screen. The new Overview page allows you to make in-context changes without having to access a separate edit screen.

Newly Registered Players Sync to a Default Channel

Setting a default channel in your network makes it easier for newly registered players to have a channel automatically assigned.

Bug Fixes

Resolved Bugs

  • AP-7376: When using Internet Explorer 11, users are not able to move to the Profile tab from either the Properties or Notification tab.
  • AP-8111: A user entering an email for a forgotten password request, sees a generic message if the email does not exist.
  • AP-9550: When using LDAP, the system does not “Remember me” after one day.
  • AP-9649: Unable to load Content Library from Signs.
  • AP-9654: In Library, content is not deleted after it reaches its expiry date.
  • AP-9674: In Networks, the Overview tab is not clickable after clicking on the Properties or the Notifications tab in Internet Explorer 11.
  • AP-9677: The Add/Remove button disappears, when the tag listings is long in the Player page.
  • AP-9687: Unable to load content approvals on MySQL Linux.
  • AP-9689: Default Valid time for a schedule is in UTC which causes issues with US clients.
  • AP-9739: Filters option not available when tagging media.
  • AP-9742: Dashboard widget does not show if extension provision level is set to Account.
  • AP-9744: Unable to delete users or networks, when special character is present in the password field.
  • AP-9758: Active Directory users are unable to delete network.
  • AP-9770: “We’ll be right back” error when creating new player if no Signs channel has been created in the network.
  • AP-9779: All requests, including static files, are served through the ASP.NET managed pipeline, resulting in session blocks.
  • AP-9797: When creating a new network, “admin” is shown in the Name field.
  • AP-9803: Networks created using special characters “<>” do not display correctly.
  • AP-9819: Active Directory users fail to delete user groups.
  • AP-9820: Active Directory users unable to invite users.
  • AP-9825: Parent network displays all networks, instead of only the networks user has access to.
  • AP-9827: Failed to delete networks with GUIDs.
  • AP-9831: In Users, unable to invite users.
  • AP-9833: In Library, tags added are not saved.
  • AP-9850: Unable to move network to a newly created network.
  • AP-9854: Internet Explorer 11 does not respond after user credentials are submitted in the login page, in an on-premise deployment.
  • AP-9861: Unable to create an application using API.
  • AP-9865: Players are not retrieving the default channel set at the Network tab in Networks.
  • AP-9866: Default channel and Delete network not clickable after deleting the default channel app.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-1460: Low severity issue with Username Enumeration.
  • AE-2053: Server hits 100% CPU usage frequently. The server is slow and often times out.
  • AE-2062: Unable to apply tags in the Appspace GUI.
  • AE-2063: Active Directory Portal Administrator is unable to delete Users or Networks.
  • AE-2079: Filters option not available when tagging media.
  • AE-2115: Each time a user performs content update, all players (‘000) sync simultaneously causing 100% CPU usage.

Upgrade Paths

The general rule for Appspace Core on-premise upgrades is that version upgrades require an interim upgrade before you can upgrade to the latest version.

Appspace 5.10 is a Cloud only release. Please refer to the 5.8 Release Notes for details.

End of Support Dates

Appspace 5.10 is a Cloud only release. Please refer to the Appspace on-premise 5.8 Release Notes for details on deprecated Appspace Core releases.