Last updated on January 05, 2016

5.8.1 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.8.1 build is a planned update that focuses on the latest bug fixes. Released on December 12th, 2015 this build covers Appspace Cloud.

Platform Enhancements

  • Restricted or Inactive page template.
  • Improved performance of the Platform Core Serializer.
  • Improved license content used querying performance.
  • Improved performance of v1/core/applications/widgets/datasources/allocations.
  • Improved locking performance on ASP.NET sessions.
  • Standardization of the upload progress bar in Overview tab in the Signs extension.
  • Text changes in the Overview tab for Basic App.
  • Changed the text in the drag-and-drop area to ‘Drop files here or select files’.
  • Changed the text to ‘No content allocated’ in the Overview tab for any type of app.
  • Standardization of the upload progress bar in the Signs extension.

Bug Fixes

Resolved Bugs

  • AP-8711: RSS Viewer/Ticker typo in ‘Important!’ Notification section.
  • AP-8782: Signs application with a unicode name does not show correctly in MSSQL.
  • AP-9150: In Library, uploaded contents can be scrolled over the drag and drop area.
  • AP-9152: Failed to move existing user group to a different network.
  • AP-9156: Querying addons causes a NHibernate UPDATE statement.
  • AP-9163: In Library, the Dynamic Media pop-up window does not close after clicking the ‘Apply’ button in Chrome ver. 47.
  • AP-9164: In Library, the Delete Confirmation dialog box does not close after clicking the ‘Ok’ button in Chrome ver. 47.
  • AP-9168: In Library (UI), HTML Snippet does not save properly.
  • AP-9174: Generated thumbnail has black bar.
  • AP-9177: Issues when uploading images to Content Library.
  • AP-9178: Unable to edit user in LDAP.
  • AP-9180: In Users, The Portal Administrator role is missing after Account Owner role is added in the Edit User page.
  • AP-9181: MSSQL is unable to edit user.
  • SIGN-117: In Signs, copied applications are re-generated once user clicks on refresh.
  • SIGN-118: In Signs, Data Only applications do not have any layouts.
  • SIGN-160: In Signs when using IE 10, the Apply button does not work.
  • SIGN-193: In MediaZone, unable to load content after updating the target device to DMP4400, HTML5 Client, or Mobile.
  • SIGN-194: In Signs (UI), uploaded content can be scrolled over the drag-and-drop area.
  • SIGN-200: An “Out Put” message is displayed in the Application Templates Library page.
  • SIGN-208: In Signs, imported applications with videos, duplicate the videos in the content list.
  • SIGN-209: The ‘Create New Sign’ dialog box does not show correctly on IE 11.
  • SIGN-210: In Signs, Imported Data Only application type shows as ‘Advanced’.
  • SIGN-216: In Signs, when using IE 11, text is displayed at the wrong position once new content is added to a playlist.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-1913: Issues uploading images to Content Library.