Last updated on March 04, 2016

5.9 Release Notes

Release Information

The Appspace Core 5.9 build is a planned update that focused on platform optimization, enhancements, and bug fixes. Released on February 27th, 2016, this build is for Appspace Cloud.

What’s new in Appspace 5.9

Improvements to the Networks extension user interface

The Network extension receives an updated UI, in which the Player tab is now the first tab, followed by SmartHub ASE, and Networks. This brings users two-clicks closer to accessing the list of registered player devices.

Other changes include:

  • Streamlining Signs terminology, by renaming Applications to Channels.
  • The Sync and Status columns are simplified, thus entries appear as a single line.
  • The Player Groups panel UI is updated to display the total number of players belonging to a group.
  • The Player Information pop-up screen appears as an overlay with UI improvements.

Improvements to the Signs extension user interface

The Sign extension receives an updated UI, improving navigation by switching to a breadcrumb navigation style. With the breadcrumb navigation style, all Signs sub tabs now appear as hyperlinks.

Bug Fixes

Resolved Bugs

  • ADMX-927: Parameters in Task Definition are not saved.
  • AP-9353: In Deployments, a package replaced by another package for deployment, no longer shows in the package list.
  • AP-9372: In Deployments, there are no deployments listed in the Deployments page after a fresh installation with MSSQL.
  • AP-9476: In Players, clicking the “Change” hyperlink in My Location does not show the Settings overlay.
  • AP-9477: Users on different networks can access players under the main network.
  • AP-9480: In Players, total number of Players are displayed incorrectly for free Signup users.
  • AP-9514: User does not have any basic user role.
  • AP-9518: RSS feeds are not updated when there are invalid accounts.
  • AP-9519: RSS feeds are not updated.
  • AP-9527: Unable to reactivate suspended user on Appspace Core 5.5.5.
  • AP-9529: In Deployments, adding deployments on MSSQL server fails.
  • AP-9530: In Library, the “Ok” button capitalization is different from other extensions.
  • AP-9535: Unable to login using Firefox or Safari.
  • AP-9540: Saving a player with “None” in Selected Channel, saves as ‘0’ inside the database.
  • AP-9566: Unable to suspend user in Edit User page.
  • AP-9567: In Players, the newly created group under ‘Ungrouped Players’ is missing after a page refresh.
  • AP-9568: In Players, Subgroups created under newly created player group displayed as blank
  • AP-9569: In Players, when clicking the ‘Move To Group’ button, the previously selected group is highlighted.
  • AP-9571: In Players, when creating a new group under a newly created subgroup, the player’s number becomes 0.
  • AP-9574: In Players, assigning players to a newly created group does not show the group.
  • AP-9583: In Players, the ‘Syncing’ status does not show during the process of syncing the contents to the player.
  • AP-9587: In Players, the Delete and Edit icon is not hidden in Enabled mode when System Players group is selected.
  • AP-9596: In Players, the Assign Group overlay does not close after the Proceed button is clicked.
  • AP-9599: Unable to deploy Edge package properly to devices.
  • AP-9623: Added the Content folder as a non-forms authenticated resource,
  • SIGN-218: The Preview box does not show any content on the ‘Overview’ and ‘Preview’ tabs for Basic and Advanced signs.
  • SIGN-371: The Sign Library breadcrumb hyperlink does not redirect to the Sign listing page, when there is only one channel.
  • SIGN-401: System returns the error, “We’ll be right back,” when user tries to edit a Sign after reordering the layout.
  • SIGN-392: A generated script has an invalid playout start date and end date, causing the media not to play.
  • SIGN-402: In Sign, the Edit page and Preview page can be scrolled up and down.

Resolved Escalations

  • AE-2027: RSS Feeds are not updating on the App1 cloud server.
  • AE-2018: Unable to reactivate suspended user on Core 5.5.5.

Upgrade Paths

The general rule for Appspace Core on-premise upgrades is that version upgrades require an interim upgrade before you can upgrade to the latest version.

Appspace 5.9 is a Cloud only release. Please refer to the 5.8 Release Notes for details.

End of Support Dates

Appspace 5.9 is a Cloud only release.

Please refer to the Appspace on-premise 5.8 Release Notes for details on deprecated Appspace Core releases.