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Pick a topic and browse how-to articles and guides to help you configure your messaging with content and cards, publish channels, configure devices and install the Appspace App, and administer users and locations in Appspace 8.0 cloud.

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A complete list of introductory guides, getting started articles, user guides, and how-to articles for Appspace cloud.

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Select from a variety of card templates or add your own content for all Appspace experiences.


Publish channels to the web, TVs, tablets, enterprise messaging apps, or collaboration devices.


Configure devices and install the Appspace App for all communication and workspace needs.


Invite users, create locations and floor plans, manage devices, and perform all other console administrative tasks.


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What's New

Cards: Display Zoom Recordings

The Zoom Recordings card is built using the new Appspace integration with third-party systems that leverages standard technologies to create long-lived, authenticated, and secure connections.

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Cards: Display Announcements & Messages

Use the Announcement card in Appspace 8.0 to publish any type of corporate messaging and signage on the content portal, enterprise messaging apps, and TVs, as wallpapers on collaboration devices, or as video walls and multi-screen displays.

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Supported Appspace Cards

Find a list of Appspace cards that are compatible with your device or TV, ideal for creating engaging, interactive content, for workplace and team communications, as well as space management.

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