Last updated on December 28, 2016

How do I view my Account information?

Every user logged in to Appspace Cloud, can access account information via System > Account in the Appspace menu.

The Account page consists of five tabs: Company, Subscription, Licenses, Instance Settings, and Account Authentication.

Company Tab

The Company page allows you to edit various profile details for your organization, such as address, contact information, website, and industry, with an option to upload the company logo.

Subscription Tab

The Subscription page provides information and data that is specific to your Cloud account such as the start and end dates of your current subscription plan, provisioned and available CALs or Appspace IDs, and overall Cloud usage statistics.


The Subscription tab may look different from one user account to another. The information that is displayed will reflect the type of Cloud subscription your account has been upgraded to (i.e. legacy or Omni).

The below is an example Subscription page for a user with an Omni subscription:

The below is an example Subscription page for a legacy user with an Enterprise subscription:

Licenses Tab

The Licenses page is only visible to users who are on a legacy subscription plan (i.e. Pro, Pro+, Enterprise). You can assign, activate, or add new license keys for on-premises servers. You can also download license files for on-premises server administration such as:

  • server profile (.xml)
  • server license files (.bin)
  • license certificates (.pdf)

Instance Settings Tab

The Instance Settings page allows you to personalize each on-premises account such as custom logo header, header background color, language, time zone, API key, and Google Analytics tracker ID.