Last updated on December 14, 2016

How do I view license information and download license keys?

The Licenses tab allows you to view, administer, and download license or license related files for an Appspace on-premises server instance. You can add or assign new license keys and view all server instances associated with the current Cloud user account. Each activated license key is listed with details such as the various features that are included, deployment location, core software version, and current status.


The Licenses tab is currently only available to users that are on legacy Cloud subscription plans (i.e. Pro, Pro+, Enterprise). If you do not see the Licenses tab, please contact your Appspace support or sales team to upgrade your user account to the proper subscription.

Assign License Keys

One of the primary functions of this page is to allow for the activation of new license keys. For more detailed, step-by-step instructions on this process and the various license scenarios, please refer to the Appspace Activation and Licensing articles within the Appspace Core documentation.

Instance Information

Each activated Appspace server instance will be listed here on the Licenses tab. Click on the name link of the server to bring up additional Instance Details.

You can rename the instance, as it is referenced in the Cloud, and re-assign the geographic location. In the Hardware Information field, click the ‘Download the server profile’ link to view the instance’s hardware specifications in XML. You may also view these specs in a table; click the ‘table’ link.

License Key Information

Each activated Appspace instance will have at least one master server key associated to it with several additional add-on keys. To bring up the license key’s details, click the 16-character key link. If you do not see any add-on (sub) keys listed, make sure the box is checked to ‘Show add-on keys’ on the top-right corner of the page.

The License Keys window provides additional information about this key such as the current status, last updated date/time, and instance name. You can download the server license file (.bin) for use in the manual activation process of licensing an on-premises Appspace server.


The .bin server file that is downloaded will include the master key and the add-on keys associated with that particular Appspace instance.

You can also download individual license certificates (.pdf extension) which acts as proof-of-purchase. Click the ‘Download’ link for each license row to download the files.

Download License Files

You can download the license files from two locations on the Licenses tab. The first is from the License Detail window (see above) and the second is directly from the main dashboard listing of all server instances and keys. You can directly download the file by clicking on the ‘Download license file’ link next to each key.


The .bin server file that is downloaded will include the master key and the add-on keys associated with that particular Appspace instance.