Last updated on March 21, 2017

How do I view my subscription information?

To access your subscription information, go to System > Account in the Appspace menu, and select the Subscription tab.

The Subscription page provides information and data that is specific to your account such as plan type, the start and end dates of your current subscription plan, number of allocated or used IDs, and overall bandwidth and storage usage statistics.

As of Appspace 6.1-ac.16, with the introduction of new licensing attributes, the older Appspace ID has been phased out, and the Subscription page now reflects the following new ID types:

  • Device ID
  • Premium User ID
  • Basic ID

Plan Information

  • Omni Subscription Plan

    Plan information lists your OMNI subscription plan type, the start or activation date, an end date if applicable, and number of ID types purchased.

    Hover the mouse cursor over the graph bar to see additional information such as Appspace ID, bandwidth, or storage usage. This is useful if you have multiple on-premises and cloud deployments paired under one account.

    Organizations that have deployed on-premise Appspace instances using the offline licensing process will see an additional table that lists their previously activated on-premise servers.

  • Legacy Subscription Plan

    A legacy subscription plan refers to a Pro, Pro+, or Enterprise plan. Users on this type of subscription will see a summary of their on-premise Appspace server instances in the Purchased CALs section. This area will summarize and list currently active server instances along with a total count of CALs (client access licenses) that have been activated and associated with each instance.

    Click the name link of each Appspace server to bring up additional Instance Details. You can change some of the instance information, and download or view the server’s hardware specification.


For more information on the usage and overall process of licensing on-premise Appspace instances, please refer to the Activating Appspace on-premises software section.