Add Content to Library

This article provides instructions to uploading media files in the Library. Upload Content Click the Quick Actions menu on the top right and select Upload Media, and proceed to step 3 below. Or

Implementing a Content Caching Strategy

This guide provides details for implementing a strategy to cache Appspace content within a customer’s network. This solution can be used with the Appspace cloud or an on-prem server.

Upload Dynamic Media to Library

The Appspace Library supports the usage of Dynamic Media, allowing users to specify content that is located externally on a network, and set a frequency to retrieve new versions of

Copy Content Between Libraries

This article provides instructions to copy media files or cards from one Library to another. Copy Content to Another Library   In Library, select the source folder of the desired content,

Create Folders in Library

This article provides instructions to creating and sharing folders in the Library. Create Folder Click Library from the Appspace Menu navigation bar. Select the desired library you wish to add the folder,

Create Web or External Content

The Library gives users the flexibility to add externally referenced media files, inline HTML webpages, or externally referenced HTML pages in an advanced channel (sign). External content is not stored

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