Complete List of Device Properties

Custom device properties are used to configure devices for specific behaviors for any Appspace supported device in the Appspace console. This article lists the device properties available, including their functions, default values, and value range (where applicable).

Appspace Low Bandwidth Mode Content Delivery

Appspace supports a diverse range of devices, both with and without internal cache for various experiences. On devices with an internal cache, the device downloads the content from Appspace and

Add and Manage Devices

Add and manage registered devices, create tags and organize these devices into device groups or locations, or simply assign channels to one or more devices, all in the Devices module in the Apppace console.

Install Appspace App and Configure BrightSign Devices

This article provides instructions to configure and register BrightSign devices with the Appspace App, and other BrightSign specific configurations such as enable closed captioning, enable text overlay over video, configure

Device Tasks: Run Now

The Run Now feature allows you to: Re-run a monitoring or advanced task that has been deployed. Immediately run a monitoring or advanced task without affecting its schedule (if any).

Install Appspace App and Configure Android Devices

Configure Android-based devices such as Android TVs, smartphones, and tablets with the Appspace App. On Android, you have the option to use the Appspace App as a display device for signage, workplace displays, or room bookings, with the device registered and configured in device mode, or as a device ideal for workforce communications enabling users to browse content published to them via the user mode.

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