Browse and Navigate the Appspace Console

Browse and discover the new look and feel of the Appspace 8.x platform console here. Appspace 8.0 introduces a brand new user interface and navigation menu that has been updated

What’s New in Appspace 8.0

Appspace 8.0, released on 8th July 2020, is a major release designed to cater to the ever-evolving workplace communications needs. With this release, we have introduced several new features such

Browse and Navigate Appspace Content Portal

The Appspace content portal is a newly launched central place for users to view corporate content that has been published to them. The portal improves the overall information sharing workflow

Appspace Supported Devices & Operating Systems

This article lists all the Appspace supported devices and operating systems. We also provide information such as required device firmware versions, Appspace App and platform versions, the content delivery mode

What’s New in Appspace 7.2 On-Prem

Appspace 7.2 is a major release that is built on the Appspace 7.0 microservices architecture, which includes various new features and enhancements, an improved user interface, platform optimizations, and bug

On-Prem Upgrade Paths & End-Of-Support Dates

This article lists the on-prem upgrade paths necessary for upgrading your Appspace on-prem deployments, and the end of support dates for older versions. Upgrade Paths See the following table for

Browse and Navigate Appspace App 2.0

This article provides illustrations on navigating the Appspace App 2.0 in both device mode (channel browsing) and user mode. The Appspace App displays in device mode on a TV, when

Contact Appspace Support

For help with our platform or App, contact Appspace Support via one of the available support options listed. Users new to Appspace, or anyone with an Appspace Free Account, may

Compatible Appspace Cards

Appspace cards are HTML-5 based templates available in the Library that you can use to create engaging, interactive content. Versatile and easy to create using the available themes in the

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