Publish Content to a Browser


In this guide, you will learn how to create content and add it to a channel for the first time. You will then publish your channel to your first device – a browser. You will be running the Appspace App directly in the browser so that you can observe how viewing the channel experience is like. The concepts that you will learn here can be applied to more powerful devices that you will likely use in your production deployment.


Before you begin, ensure that you have the following ready:

  • You will need an active Appspace cloud account.
  • You need the role of Account Owner. This is automatically granted if you are the first user of your account. Alternatively, you can also enable the Content Administrator and Network Administrator roles for your user in your network.

Create content in a channel

As a first time user, your fresh account will be empty and therefore there will not have any content or channels.

To start creating content in a channel, simply follow the steps below.

Create a channel

Click on Create Channel from the Quick Action menu, and then give your channel a name.


Add content in the channel

In your newly created channel, click on the Add Content button to start adding content to it.


Create a card

Appspace lets you start authoring content immediately with a collection of default card templates. Click on Create Card to start authoring your first content item.


Pick a card template

Appspace provides several default card templates to start with. For an easy start, choose the Marketing template as it is a great example of a messaging card. You can enter your own message if you like, and then click on Next to continue.


Save the card

Enter a title for your new card, then click on Save to create your new card and continue.


Add the card to the channel

Your new card will now appear in your library folder and is automatically selected. Click on the Add button to add your card to the channel, and you will see it appear as the first content item in your channel. You can repeat the above steps to add another card or two.


To the next part

Now that you have prepared a channel with content, the next part of the process is to register your browser as a device so that you can publish your channel to it.

Register your browser as a device​

In this part, you will use your browser as the first device that you will publish your channel to.

Information on more powerful devices can be found in the Knowledge Center.

Follow the steps below to register your browser as a device and set its channel selection mode.

What does registering a device do?

Registering a device establishes a link between the Appspace App running on the device and the management tools in the Appspace console. Once a device is registered, you can manage and preview what content and channels are published. You will also have the ability to perform more advanced functions such as monitoring device status and remotely modifying the configuration of the device.


Start from the channel's publish page

With your desired channel selected, click on the Publish tab to begin.

In the Publish tab, you will see that the channel is published to 0 Devices and 0 Users, which means that the channel is not yet available to be viewed anywhere.


Register a device

Click on the Register a device button at the top left of the Publish page to launch the device registration workflow. You will see an input field to enter a 6-character registration code.

To get the registration code, you will need to launch the Appspace App in a browser.


Launch the Appspace App in a browser

To launch the Appspace App in a browser, open a new browser window and enter the following URL:

This URL hosts the Appspace App as a Progressive Web App (PWA) which can be launched from any browser. A 6-character code will be automatically generated which you will need for the next step.


Register the device and give it a name

On the device registration input form, enter the 6-character code into the registration input field. When a valid code is detected, the input field will be highlighted in green. Give your device a name.


Set the channel selection mode

Click on the Channel Selection Mode field and select Channels will autoplay sequentially.


Complete the registration

Click on the Register button to proceed with the registration process. In the other browser window where the Appspace App is running, the registration process completes and will automatically look for published channels to view. Since there are no published channels available, it will not display anything yet.


To the next part

Now that you have registered a browser as a device, the next part of the process is to publish a channel to it.

Publish the channel to the browser

Since there are no published channels yet, the browser will not have anything to show.

Once a channel is published to the browser, only then will you be able to see content.

Follow the steps below to publish the channel to the browser.

Select your channel

In the browser window running the Appspace console, navigate to the Channels workflow and select the channel you created.


Add device for publishing

To publish the channel to your newly registered browser, go to the Publish tab and enter the name of your device into the input field. Click on the Add button to publish.


Automatic update

Switch back to the browser screen running the Appspace App, and you will see it sync during the update interval to retrieve content from the newly published channel.

Note: The update interval will take a minimum of 1 minute.



You have successfully published your channel to a browser as a device.

When a device is successfully registered, it will consume a Device ID from your subscription. When you are ready to register physical devices, you can always unregister your browser to free up a Device ID.

What's Next?

With the browser running as a device and playing a published channel, you can add more content to your existing channel, or you can create another channel with a different set of content. The Appspace App running in the browser will automatically update to show new content and new channels as you publish them.

Now that you are familiar with the basic workflow to create content for publishing, the suggested next step is to publish your channel to a TV as this one of the primary methods of reaching your audience.