Publish Content to a TV


In this guide, you will learn how to publish a channel with content to a TV screen.  At Appspace, when we say “a TV”, we can mean a few different things. Essentially, we are referring to a screen that is connected to a media device or has an internal media player. We usually call the media player a “device”, whether it’s a separate box or is integral to screen hardware (like a smart TV).  We will discuss compatible TVs and devices later on. Once you choose which compatible TV or device you’d like to use, you will be able to install and run the Appspace App on it to play published channels.


Before you begin, ensure that you have the following ready:

  • You will need an active Appspace cloud account.
  • You will need to have a channel with content.
  • You will need permissions that allow you to to publish channels and register devices, such as Publisher and Network Administrator.
  • You will need a compatible TV or device.

Identify a compatible TV or device

You’ve probably heard a lot of different terminology being used throughout different sites and social media: Streaming media player, TV box, IPTV box, set top boxes, media streamers – they are all essentially the same: a type of device that gets content from the network and then displays it on a TV screen.

There are many compatible devices that you can use, such as ranging from Chrome boxes, Android devices, to BrightSign devices, LG TVs, and many more.

Appspace works with many of these popular devices, and the following list shows the device operating systems that are compatible:

  • Android
  • BrightSign
  • Chrome OS
  • iOS
  • LG webOS
  • Samsung Tizen (coming soon)
  • Windows UWP

The Appspace App is available for the above platforms, and you will simply need to download it from the appropriate app store and install it on the device of your choice to view your content.

For a detailed compatibility list, please read about Appspace compatible devices on the Knowledge Center.

Download and run the Appspace App

Once you have selected a compatible device of your choice, you will then need to go to the relevant app store and download the Appspace App to the device.

Download the Appspace App

The compatible device that you have chosen will usually have its own app store. Search for the Appspace App in the relevant store and download it to your device.


Launch the Appspace App

Launch the Appspace App on the device once it has been installed.

When the Appspace App runs for the first time, you will see a 6-character code appear on-screen at the right. This is the code that you will use to register the TV device to Appspace.


To the next part

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Appspace App to the device, the next part of the process is to register the device in the Appspace Console so that it can be managed.

In Appspace, registering a device establishes a link between the Appspace App running on the device and the management tools in the Appspace console. Once a device is registered, you can manage and preview what content and channels are published, with the ability to monitor the device health and status, and perform more advanced functions.

Register the device in Appspace

With the device running the Appspace App and showing the on-screen code, it is time to register the device to Appspace. In a browser on your desktop or laptop, you will need to log into the Appspace console.

Device registration form

Click on Register a device from the Quick Action menu.


Register the device and give it a name

Take the 6-character code that you see on the TV screen, and enter it into the registration input field. When a valid code is detected, the input field will be highlighted in green. Give your device a name.


Set the channel selection mode

Click on the Channel Selection Mode field and select Channels will autoplay sequentially.


Complete the registration

Click on the Register button to proceed with the registration process. On the TV screen, you will see the automatic registration process step through to completion. Since there are no published channels available, it will not display any content yet.


To the next part

Now that you have registered the device to Appspace, the next part of the process is to publish a channel to it. When a device is successfully registered, it will consume a Device ID from your subscription.

Publish a channel to the device

Back on the Appspace console, you will need to navigate to the Channels workflow and select any of your existing channels that you’d like to publish to the device.

Add device for publishing

To publish the channel to your newly registered TV device, go to the Publish tab and enter the name of your device into the input field. Click on the Add button to publish.


Automatic update

Once you have published the channel to the TV device, it may take a minute or two for the update interval to take place, in which the device will automatically sync content from the channel and start playing.


To the next part

At this stage, you have successfully published your channel to a TV device. In the next part, you will learn about how you can easily see what’s playing on the device at any point of time.

Monitor devices anytime

Now that you have a device registered and playing a published channel, you can also monitor what is playing on the device anytime. This feature is extremely useful when you have multiple TV screens running different content which gets updated frequently, and you simply want to know what’s playing without having to physically go to all the TV screens.

Select the device

In the Appspace Console, navigate to the Devices workflow from the main menu.

Click on the name of the device from the list to get to the overview and details of that particular device.


Device overview and preview

You will now see the Overview page of the device which shows all of the important device details such as its status, device type, network and much more. Most importantly, you can see what’s playing on the device with the Device Preview.


Content manifest

Scrolling past the Device Preview will show what channels and channel groups have been published to the device, along with a complete list of all content items.



You have successfully published your channel to a TV.

From device registration to publishing and monitoring, you have the basics covered for viewing content on devices.

What's Next?

With the TV running and playing your published channel, you can add more content to your channel, or you can create another channel with a different set of content and publish it to the same device. The Appspace App running on the device will automatically update to show new content and new channels as you publish them.

Now that you are familiar with the basic workflow of publishing content to a TV, the suggested next step is to get more familiar with the content scheduling capabilities of Appspace.