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This is an Appspace Limited Release feature. Contact your Appspace Customer Success Manager to be a part of this Limited Release program and enable this feature.

This article provides instructions for employees to reserve and manage workspace reservations with Conferencing options on the Appspace Employee App portal.

The Employee App is only available on Appspace public/private cloud 8.0 and later. It is not supported on 8.0 on-prem.


Employee App Portal

Reserve Workspace

  1. Log in to your Employee App Portal with your Appspace Premium User credentials.
  2. Click Places from the menu, and click the Workspaces tab.
  3. Select the Date, Time, and Duration of the workspace you wish to reserve from the respective drop-down menus.
  4. Select a building or type a building name in the Building drop-down menu.  
    If the building is not listed, enter the Geo or Campus location (ex: APAC or London), and based upon what has been entered, display a list of building names in the drop-down that is associated with that Geo or Campus location.
    Alternatively, you may also select from a list of recently reserved buildings, or select a workspace or room from the Recently Reserved Spaces or Recently Reserved Rooms sections below the building list. These lists will not exist if this is your first time in the Employee App.
  5. If in a building, select from the listed workspaces, click View Map for a graphical layout of the available workspaces, or search for the desired workspace.
    Only resources that you have permissions to are displayed.

    Use the Filters button to refine your search for your desired workspace, based on the following:
    • floor
      All inactive floors and corresponding inactive resources are hidden from being displayed and listed in the Map view on the Employee App, if the Administrator has set the floor resource Status to Inactive.
    • zone
      There are a few limitations when filtering zones in map view:

      • When a zone from a different floor is selected from the drop-down menu, the map does not automatically switch to the respective floor, and must be done manually.
      • When a floor is selected, only the zones from that floor are listed in the drop-down menu to be selected. Users will not be able to search for zones within other floors.
    • workspace type and sub-type
    • reservation status
    • workspace capacity
    • amenities
    • show colleagues 
      The Show Colleagues field allows you to identify your fellow colleagues and their reserved workspaces, in both list and map views. This feature is OFF by default and can be toggled to ON.
      However, if your colleagues had chosen to make their workspace reservation private, then the user icon will not appear on their booked workspace reservation.
      In Map View, you may also search and locate workspaces reserved by your colleagues by entering their username in the search field, the Date for the reservation, and Time (for Duration, select All Day to search the entire day).
      New- The search feature also works for colleagues who have reserved workspaces from different floors in the same building.

  6. Click on the desired workspace and click the Reserve button.
    You may also view any restrictions that may have been configured for the workspace here.
  7. In the Create Reservation side panel, configure the following fields:

    • Enter the Reservation Name in the text field. The organizer’s name is used by default if the field is left empty.
    • Select the Date of the reservation from the drop-down calendar, and the Time from the drop-down menu.
      Select the Duration from the drop-down menu (from 30 minutes to 1 – 12 hours).
    • Select More Options to view and set the All Day, Time Zone, and Recurring Reservation options:
      • Select the All Day option to set the reservation for the entire day. 
      • You can switch to a different Time Zone from the drop-down menu, in case the reservation is for someone else.
      • Check the Recurring Reservation checkbox if the reservation would occur periodically. The following settings can be configured:

        • Enter the number of times the reservation occurs in the Repeats every field and drop-down menu:
          • Day – The reservation occurs every set number of days.
          • Week – The reservation occurs every set number of weeks.
            • In the Repeats on drop-down menu, you may select if the reservation is repeated on the day of each week. For example:
              • Reservation is repeated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week.
          • Month – The reservation occurs every set number of months.
            • In the Repeats on drop-down menu, you may select if the reservation is repeated on the date, or day of each month. For example:
              • Day 6 – 6th of each month.
              • The first Sunday of each month.
          • Year – The reservation occurs every set number of years.
            • In the Repeats on drop-down menu, you may select if the reservation is repeated on the date, or day of each year. For example:
              • 6 June – 6th of June each year.
              • The first Sunday of June each year.
        • Select when the reservation Ends:
          • Never – The recurring reservation never ends.
            When set to Never Ends, the maximum recurring reservations will be determined by the reservations provider:

            • Appspace Provider: Maximum of 730 meeting instances, or meeting instances until the year 2100, whichever comes first.
          • After – The recurring reservation ends after the set number of occurrences.
          • On – the recurring reservation ends after the set date.

Organizers will still receive a Confirmation email, even though there is a conflicting reservation. Conflicting reservations will be marked with the Conflict status on the Reservations dashboard, and would require the organizer to separately resolve these conflicting reservations manually.
        • The Attendees field defaults to your user account, thus if the workspace resource is for someone else, select or enter their user name from the drop-down menu. If the user name is not listed, enter the user’s name in the field to search for it.
        • Add Attendees to the reservation by entering their user names or email addresses in the field. For each invited attendee, you have the choice to edit and choose the attendance type (In-person, Virtual).
          • The reservations panel will now list attendees as well as their attendance type.
          • All reservations must have at least one in-person attendee.
          • When an event has checkpoints, only the in-person attendee needs to complete the checkpoints.

      • You may also add additional attendees for the reservation by entering their user names or email addresses in the field.
        The Add Attendees field will be hidden if the resource capacity has been configured to be equal or less than two (2). If unconfigured or left blank, it would default to zero (0)
      • Select a Conferencing software (e.g. Google Meet or Microsoft Teams) for the reservation by clicking Add conferencing and selecting an option. – New Feature
        This option cannot be changed after the reservation is created.
    • Optionally, you may add Additional notes or information for the reservation to be seen by attendees. You can also apply basic formatting to your text.
    • Optionally, you may make your reservation private, preventing other employees from identifying your reservation via the Show Colleagues option, by toggling the Reservation privacy slider to PRIVATE (which is PUBLIC by default).

  1. Click CONFIRM.
  2. Optionally, you may be required to complete any checkpoints that may have been configured for the workspace, before being able to proceed with the reservation. For future reservations, you may be requested to return at a later date to complete the checkpoint, this however is all dependant on how the checkpoint has been configured.
  3. Once the workspace has been successfully reserved, it would be listed and available in the Reservations tab.

Manage Workspace Reservations

  1. Log in to your Employee App Portal with your Appspace Premium User credentials.
  2. Click the Reservations tab to view all your workspace reservations.
  3. Select a reservation to perform the following actions:
    • Confirm attendance – Click Yes, No, or Maybe to confirm or decline your attendance.
    • Join (Google Meet or Microsoft Teams) Meeting – If a conferencing option is available for the reservation, click the provided link to join the conference. – New Feature
    • View or scan QR Code – View the QR code, or click to enlarge the QR code to scan if needed.
    • View location – View the location of the resource on a map.
    • View completed checkpoints – Click to view the completed checkpoints.
    • Edit Workspace Reservation – Click the Modify Reservation icon to make the following edits to your reservation, and click CONFIRM once done.
      (New option) The Conferencing option cannot be edited.
      • Change the Reservation Name.
      • Change the Date, Time, or Duration of the workspace reservation.
      • Enable or disable Recurring Reservations.
        The Recurring Reservations checkbox may be disabled due to a limitation where once an event is created, it cannot be changed to recurring. We are currently working on a fix for this.
      • Add or remove Attendees.
      • Edit the workspace reservation Notes.
      • Enable or disable the Reservation privacy of the workspace reservation.
    • Delete Workspace Reservation – Click the Cancel Reservation icon to delete the workspace reservation, and click OK to confirm.

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