Create Google Sheets Card

This article provides the instructions to create and configure a Google Sheets card, ideal for displaying information from a Google Sheets file on a TV, by simply configuring the card

Create Milestone Card

The Milestone card allows businesses to easily schedule in advance and display multiple occasions or milestone events, all with its own messaging, event type, and display dates – all in

Create Alert Card

The Alert card, when used with Alerts, allows businesses to quickly publish important or critical messages throughout their offices, such as evacuation notices, fire alerts, weather warnings, and a whole

Create Table Card

This article provides the instructions to create and configure a Table card, which allows you to display data or quantitative information in a structured table, either by manually adding the

Create Announcement Card

The Announcement card allows businesses to publish company announcements, employee recognition, or motivational quotes while incorporating the business branding and design quickly and effortlessly to the modern workplace. Announcement cards

Create RSS Feed Card

The RSS card lets businesses quickly and easily display live RSS feeds right into your office space, as its a great tool to keep teams informed on the latest industry

Create Weather Card

The Weather card is perfect for businesses that rely on the weather, allowing employees to prepare for the weather in advance, or if certain outdoor tasks can be scheduled on

Create Charts with Data Visualization Card

This article provides the instructions to create and configure the Data Visualization card, which includes the following themes for displaying customized graphs, charts, and progress charts, with multiple customization options: 

Tag Content

Content tags are used to organize, filter, and group content. Tags can be applied to all types of content such as images, videos, and even cards – from the library

Create Web View Card

The Web View card allows businesses to display websites (HTML) easily, such as a company website, news portal, or even a blog, where updates can be almost instantly, or from

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