Create Social Media by Seenspire Card

This article provides the instructions to create and configure the Social Media by Seenspire card, which allows you to display information in real-time from external social media sites. This unique

Add Content to Library

This article provides instructions to uploading media files in the Library. Upload Content Click the Quick Actions menu on the top right and select Upload Media, and proceed to step 3 below. Or

Manage Devices and Networks in Console

Register and organize your devices in device groups, or create and manage a hierarchy of networks, in Devices. Devices is accessed via the Appspace menu. Every Appspace account comes configured

Add and Send User Invitations

This article provides the instructions to add additional users to your Appspace instance via email invitation in the Users extension. This workflow covers the basics of creating and sending an

Upload Dynamic Media to Library

The Appspace Library supports the usage of Dynamic Media, allowing users to specify content that is located externally on a network, and set a frequency to retrieve new versions of

Configure Content Properties

To configure the properties for any content, you may open the property window in the following ways: Double-click the content in the Library. Click the content in a Playlist Channel. Click

Configure Content Expiry

By default, content added to the Library does not have an expiration date set. You can now manage your library bandwidth by deleting unused content in a scheduled manner, either

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