Create Web or External Content

The Library gives users the flexibility to add externally referenced media files, inline HTML webpages, or externally referenced HTML pages in an advanced channel (sign). External content is not stored

Configure RSS Multithreading

This article provides the instructions to enable RSS multithreading on your Appspace on-prem server in order to enhance overall performance should there be a high number of RSS feeds that

Run Diagnostic Checks

This article provides the instructions to run diagnostic checks on the Appspace on-prem server, allowing administrators diagnose problems directly from the web interface. This helps to reduce time and eliminate

Configure Proxy Settings

This article provides the instructions to configure proxy settings for an Appspace on-prem server that is located behind a proxy server. Prerequisites All proxy server network settings including credentials and

Configure E-Mail Notifications

This article provides the instructions to configure e-mail notifications for your Appspace on-prem server. Prerequisites Active SMTP server. Valid email account(s) on the SMTP server to be used as the

Change/Reset Console Password

This article provides the instructions to change/reset your Appspace on-prem server password.  Prerequisites User privileges on the Appspace server. Change Password Click the User profile icon on the Appspace menu bar,

Configure Pass-Through Authentication

Pass-through Authentication allows you to provide users in your organization with an external Identity provider (IdP), with access to published channels through Appspace App on smartphones or tablets without consuming

Configure Account Security

Appspace comes with advanced account security features that may be enabled by administrators for on-prem deployments. These include the options to enforce a maximum number of failed attempts before a

Configure Active Directory/LDAP over SSL

This article provides the instructions to configure Active Directory (AD) or LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Note that this configuration is portal-wide and affects all

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