Cards: Display Bar Chart

The bar chart is a Data Visualization card theme, which displays categorical data with rectangular bars with heights or lengths proportional to the values that they represent. Bar charts are

Cards: Display Line Chart

The Line chart is perfect way to showcase data that changes over time, such as displaying variations in stock prices, vehicle sales figures, or even the number of customer service

User Roles & Permissions in Appspace

This document provides a comprehensive introduction to user roles available in the Appspace platform, the privileges each role is entitled to, and which roles are necessary to perform the different administrative functions in the Appspace console.

Supported Appspace Cards

Find a list of Appspace cards available in the Library that you can use to create engaging, interactive content, that is compatible with your desired device or TV.

Cards: Display World Clock

The World Clock card allows businesses to easily display the time for up to eight different cities across the globe, in a grid layout in digital, analog, or in both

Cards: Schedule Board (Multi-Rooms) with Maps

In Appspace 8.0, we are launching Appspace integrations with calendar services that leverage standard technologies to create long-lived, authenticated, and secure connections. An initial connection must be established between Appspace

Cards: Display Webex Recordings

The Webex Recordings card is built using the new Appspace integration with third-party systems that leverages standard technologies to create long-lived, authenticated, and secure connections. The Webex Recordings card allows

Cards: Display YouTube Feeds

The YouTube card lets businesses easily and quickly stream YouTube content, such as their latest product lineup, advertisements, or even add that cute cat video in between corporate announcements, for

Cards: Single-Room Scheduling with Office 365

This article provides the instructions to create and configure a Room Schedule card with Microsoft Office 365 provider settings. The Room Schedule card is ideal for single room scheduling. The

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