Configure Playlist Channel with Dayparting for Channel Browsing Mode

Configure a playlist channel with dayparting settings, to play exclusively in channel browsing mode, allowing the channel to play exclusively at the scheduled time, overriding any existing content that is being displayed or the screen (home, browsing, search, playback, EPG) that is being viewed by the user.

Customize Appspace App 2.0 Channel Browsing

This article provides instructions to customize your channel browsing experience, incorporate your branding elements and color scheme into the Appspace App 2.0 using multiple device properties available. This article has

Configure Network Commands for Appspace App

This article lists the network commands that are available to invoke certain functions remotely via the network for the Appspace App in interactive mode/channel browsing. The network commands can be

Add and Manage Devices

Add and manage registered devices, create tags and organize these devices into device groups or locations, or simply assign channels to one or more devices, all in the Devices module in the Apppace console.

Browse and Navigate Appspace App 2.0

This article provides illustrations of the Appspace App 2.0 displaying interactive content for workplace displays, team communications, and space management.

Browse and Navigate Appspace Content Portal

The Content Portal, with improved overall information sharing workflows, makes it easy for users to access published information from anywhere, via computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Customize Appspace App Theme

This article provides the instructions to configure the Asppspace App overall theme and the App’s background theme for channel browsing. Prerequisites Account Owner, Network Administrator, or Portal Administrator role in

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