Customize Appspace App 2.0 Channel Browsing

This article provides instructions on how to customize your channel browsing experience, and incorporate your branding elements and color scheme in to Appspace App 2.0. This article has the following

Import or Export Channel or Channel Group

In Appspace 7.1, we have introduced a new feature to import and export playlist channels and live channels, in addition to the existing functionality of importing/exporting advanced channels. You can

Create a Playlist Channel

This article provides the instructions to create, organize, and publish a collection of cards, images, and videos as a playlist channel. Prerequisites Account Owner or Publisher role in Appspace.  Create

Configure Thumbnails in Channels

This article provides the instructions to add thumbnails to your playlist channel, live channel, advanced channel, or channel group.  Log in to the Appspace console, and select Channels from the