Customize Appspace App 2.0 Channel Browsing

This article provides instructions to customize your channel browsing experience, incorporate your branding elements and color scheme into the Appspace App 2.0 using multiple device properties available. This article has

Configure Alerts

Alerts is an Appspace feature that can enable system-wide global alerts such as the broadcast of important or critical messages such as executive communications, weather warnings, or emergency announcements across

Create Live Stream Channel

This article provides the instructions to configure, add, and remove live video streams in Channels. Create Live Video Streams Click Channels from the Appspace Menu navigation bar, and click the Channels tab. Click

Configure Content Properties

To configure the properties for any content, you may open the property window in the following ways: Double-click the content in the Library. Click the content in a Playlist Channel. Click

Widget: Flash Container

The Flash Container widget allows developers to embed Flash SWF files into Appspace advanced channels with extended scripting abilities. You can create custom functions by passing variables between the Flash

Widget: Plain Text

This widget is used to display static plain text in Advanced Channel. Depending on its location in the advanced channel layout, a Plain Text widget is commonly used as: Titles

Create Playlist in Media Zone Widget

This article provides the instructions to create a playlist of media files selected from the Library to be added to media zone widgets in advanced channel’s layout. Creating Playlists To

Widget: Media Container

The Media Container widget allows designers to group content into a collection and display based on formatting properties. The widget is commonly used to create and manage multi-level menus containing

Enable Content Scheduling in Advanced Channels

Appspace provides the ability to create scheduling information at various levels. These levels may increase in complexity such as: scheduling a single piece of content, followed by the scheduling of

Widget: Media Zone

The Media Zone widget is the most common widget used to build advanced channels. From interface elements to content playlists, the Media Zone widget is highly flexible and can be

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