Supported Devices & Operating Systems

The Appspace App supports various industry-leading platforms and a broad range of devices that meet different use cases including playback performance, physical dimensions, hardware features, content delivery modes (streaming or

Appspace Low Bandwidth Mode

Appspace supports a diverse range of devices, both with and without internal cache for various experiences. On devices with an internal cache, the device downloads the content from Appspace and

Appspace Device Properties Dictionary

Administrators can custom configure devices for specific behaviors using device properties, added for a device in the Appspace console. This article lists the device properties available, including their functions, default

Setup Wallpaper Displays for Cisco Webex Share

This article provides the instructions to configure an Appspace playlist channel as a wallpaper with customized messaging, to be displayed in the background, when a Cisco Webex Share device is

Compatible Content & Device Capabilities

The tables below compare the supported content type, cards, content delivery, device management, and playback performance for devices in each operating environment supported by the Appspace App. Supported Image Formats

Manage Devices and Networks in Console

Register and organize your devices in device groups, or create and manage a hierarchy of networks, in Devices. Devices is accessed via the Appspace menu. Every Appspace account comes configured

Install Appspace App on Android

This article provides instructions to configure and register Android based devices with Appspace App. You can use both device mode and user mode on an Android operating environment. The default

Install Appspace App on BrightSign

This article provides instructions to install and configure BrightSign devices. Prerequisites The device must meet the manufacturer’s minimum hardware and technical specifications. Please refer to Supported Devices & Operating Systems.

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