Browse and Navigate the Appspace Console

Discover the new look and feel of our Appspace 8.x platform here. Appspace 8.0 introduced a brand new user interface and navigation menu that has been updated with a streamlined

Add Content via Appspace Content Portal

This article provides instructions for Publishers to add or edit content to any channel that they have access to, directly from the Appspace Content Portal, without the need to navigate

Publish Content to Slack for Team Communications

Appspace 8’s native integration with the Slack enterprise messaging app allows companies to publish relevant content (messaging, videos, charts) via Appspace Channels directly to a Slack chat space. This integration

Add a Playlist Channel

This article provides the instructions to create, organize, and publish a collection of cards, images, and videos as a playlist channel. Prerequisites Account Owner or Publisher role in Appspace.  Create

Add Live Stream Channel

This article provides the instructions to configure, add, and remove live video streams in Channels. Create Live Video Streams Click Channels from the Appspace Menu navigation bar, and click the Channels tab. Click

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