Enable Public Access URL in Advanced Channel

A public advanced channel is mapped to a static URL and the advanced channel saving function in Advanced Channel includes the HTML bootstrap into the app package, making it completely

Create Advanced Channel (Sign)

This article provides the instructions to create, and configure advanced channels, previously known as a sign. Advanced channels offer features such as scheduled content playback, multi-zone layouts, custom resolutions, and

Move Advanced Channel Between Networks

This article provides the instructions to move advanced channels between or across different networks. To move advanced channels between networks, please follow the instructions below: Click Channels from the Appspace Menu navigation

An Introduction to Cards and Channels

This guide provides a comprehensive introduction to cards and channels, discussing the interrelationship between these two features, and how both function together for publishing engaging content for target audiences.

Enable Advanced Channel Sync

In Advanced Channel, you can choose to sync your advanced channel with two sync modes: Automatic Syncing Automatic Syncing is on by default, so that changes made to an advanced

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