Configure Playlist Channel with Dayparting for Channel Browsing Mode

Configure a playlist channel with dayparting settings, to play exclusively in channel browsing mode, allowing the channel to play exclusively at the scheduled time, overriding any existing content that is being displayed or the screen (home, browsing, search, playback, EPG) that is being viewed by the user.

Create Milestone Card

The Milestone card allows businesses to easily schedule in advance and display multiple occasions or milestone events, all with its own messaging, event type, and display dates – all in

Create Alert Card

The Alert card, when used with Alerts, allows businesses to quickly publish important or critical messages throughout their offices, such as evacuation notices, fire alerts, weather warnings, and a whole

Add Advanced Channel (Sign)

This article provides the instructions to create, and configure advanced channels, previously known as a sign. Advanced channels offer features such as scheduled content playback, multi-zone layouts, custom resolutions, and

Enable Content Scheduling in Advanced Channels

Appspace provides the ability to create scheduling information at various levels. These levels may increase in complexity such as: scheduling a single piece of content, followed by the scheduling of

Schedule Device Syncs

Devices within Appspace by default will periodically check with the server every 1 minute for application updates and/or new content to download. Users can take advantage of device sync scheduling

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